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New! September CIPE Info Sessions Specifically for Sophomores

Click here for video of one of the sessions, and here for the PowerPoint presentation.

Fall 2014 Departmental Info Sessions

East Asian Studies | French

“Welcome to conversations about civics, civility, human rights, economics, history, law, morality, science, philosophy, justice, decency, inequality, art, love, government, the known … the unknowable. Welcome to Yale. Welcome home.”

— Dean Jonathan Holloway, “The Knowable and the Unknown,” at the Freshman Assembly (August 23, 2014)

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Sophomores on Sophomore Year

“Sophomore year, and especially the summer after that, should be a time to explore different fields.” “Look ahead to junior and senior years because there are some provisions like studying abroad and class load in senior year that should be taken into account.”
“You can still join extracurricular groups in sophomore year. It’s a great time to try something new.” “It’s OK if you don’t have your entire life planned by now. Most will change their minds anyway.”
“The best advice I can give about ‘sophomore slump’ is just to stick it out. Don’t drop anything you’ve previously liked just because you’re feeling down. Chances are, when your situation improves, you’ll appreciate it even more. Be careful about making major decisions (changing a major, quitting an activity, etc.) when you know you’re not really at your best.” “Don’t be afraid to have fun! People get stressed out, but you should have a few nights when you just stay up watching movies with your friends. Make sure that you leave time for yourself in addition to all of your commitments. Also, sleep is good.”